Oncoplastic Considerations in Breast Conserving Surgery for Breast Cancer

Many women diagnosed with breast cancer may opt to be treated with breast conserving surgery. Studies on women with breast cancer both here and in Europe have shown that overall survival is the same for eligible women treated with breast conservation ( partial mastectomy/ lumpectomy plus necessary radiation therapy ) vs. total mastectomy. Women treated with partial mastectomy benefit from preservation of sensation, sexuality and less disfiguring surgery. Oncoplastic surgery refers to the utilization of plastic surgical principles in the performance of cancer treating surgery to enhance or improve cosmetic outcomes. Women with smaller breasts may be left with deformities by removal of necessary portions of the breast skin and glandular tissue. By utilizing oncoplastic principles these deformities can be reduced or eliminated. These principles include careful preoperative planning of the location and type of incision and intraoperative glandular rearrangement designed to maximize ultimate cosmesis. After all deformity of the breast after surgery and radiation defeats many of the advantages of breast preservation. Women with larger breasts may have preexisting ptosis (sagging) or discomfort related to large breasts which can be addressed with the employment of oncoplastic techniques. These may range from nipple lifts to breast reduction surgery. Both breasts may require surgery and symmetry following cancer surgery is a covered benefit of both government sponsored and commercial insurance. Imagine having cancer surgery and come out with enhanced cosmetic appearance. This potential improvement has actually improved quality of life for our cancer survivors. Very careful preoperative planning and consultation is a hallmark of the breast surgeons at Premiere Surgical Specialists . We have dedicated our education and skill acquisition and have the oncoplastic experience to offer our cancer patients the optimal cosmetic outcomes. When necessary we work very closely with our plastic surgery colleagues to enhance the results of otherwise potentially deforming cancer surgery. Ask your surgeon how application of oncoplastic surgical principles could improve your appearance after treatment for cancer.

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